A Tudor Quiz

To celebrate the launch of Chimera Travel’s exclusive Tudor History Tour taking place this fall, I thought I’d put together a fun quiz about the life and times of the Tudor dynasty. While I’m trying to be as historically factual as possible, much of the goings-on during that time (including things that today seem quite important, like dates of birth for women) were passed down through history by story, written down much later, and often deduced from those things that were recorded at the time. So even with some of the most factually based information, there’s always room for a little speculation.

1. How many wives did Henry VIII divorce?

2. Which wife of Henry VIII narrowly escaped arrest and possible execution?

3. Which wife of Henry VIII supposedly still haunts Hampton Court Palace?

4. Which wife of Henry VIII was added to a famous family portrait posthumously?

5. Despite his apparent hatred for her, Henry allowed Anne Boleyn one small “allowance” for her execution. What was it?

6. How did Lady Jane Grey rise to the throne?

7. How long did Mary Tudor (once Queen) wait before executing Lady Jane Grey? How old was Lady Jane Grey when she was beheaded?

8. Which wife of Henry’s was later named as his sister?

9. Why was Henry VIII so desperate to have a son?

10. Before marriage to Henry, Lady Anne Boleyn was bestowed which title on her that was historically only given to men.

11. Why was Elizabeth I not legally a suitable Queen for either protestants or Catholics?

12. The Tudor dynasty produced how many Monarchs?


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