Exploring 2010

Wow! We?re starting our second decade of the 21st century! It doesn?t seem all that long since travelers were worried about flying during ?Y2K?, yet here we are. So far, the 2000s have seen the emergence of destinations worldwide that many thought would never be luring travelers. 2010 is no different. No longer are honeymooners flocking only to hammocks and fruity drinks, just as safari-goers no longer have to camp for days without much evidence of modern civilization (or course, both are still popular, they just aren?t the only options for their respective groups).

Stockholm at night

There are numerous lists of ?where to go? and ?must see? destinations, each with their slightly unique spin. Though it wouldn?t be a January issue without travel suggestions for the new year, we decided to move away from the traditional method of forecasted hot destinations, and instead choose those destinations that we truly feel are a great experience, perhaps because they are not the main focus of most lists. As we couldn’t fit nearly all our top picks in this issue, we will be following up these articles with additional destination suggestions on our blog, so make sure to subscribe! If you?ve been to these destinations, we?d love to see comments, thoughts, pictures, or videos that would help travelers enjoy their visit.

Happy Travels and Happy New Year!



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