New Zealand’s Best Bets

New Zealand is a land of adventure, natural beauty, and just plain fun. Here are some of our top suggestions for activities to partake in when visiting New Zealand (in no particular order):


Jet boating – like jet skiing but with a whole boat load (literally) of people.

River boarding – like boogie boarding, but in a river with rapids and small whirlpools. Done in a group, so others will be there to help you along.

Hiking – New Zealand has more hiking trails than could possibly listed in this article. Whether you?re looking for a one-day quick hike or a multi-day excursion, NZ has it. To learn more, check out

Thermal/hot springs – these can be found all over both the north and south islands. From Hammer Springs to Taupo Hot Springs to the free hot pool in the Great Barrier Island, you can probably find a hot spring not far from your location.

hot springs

Bungee jumping – this can be done from a bridge, a hot air balloon, at night, over a canyon or from a sky swing (and probably several other options).

Skydiving – While this too can be done almost anywhere in New Zealand, sky diving over the Franz Josef glacier is a top pick for both its uniqueness and the incredible view.

Milford Sound – part of fjordland, Milford sound can be reached by road or cruise (suggested).

milford sound

Glow worm caves – this isn?t particularly adventurous (unless you?re afraid of the dark) but particularly for a family group, it?s a fun activity that you?re not likely to try elsewhere and actually more of an intriguing experience than the name suggests.

You could probably spend months in New Zealand and do something new and exciting every day. These are just a few suggestions to get you started.


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