Discover Philip Island

Standing on the coast at sunset on an island in the south of Australia, you see a thousand wild Little Penguins begin to emerge from the ocean as if in a continual wave hitting the shore. The penguins waddle across the beach to their burrows in the sand dunes where they will spend the night. What you?re observing is the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island, Australia. It occurs every evening at sundown and is a completely natural phenomenon – the penguins haven?t in any way been trained, prompted or otherwise influenced.

Phillip Island sits approximately 90 minutes from Melbourne is comprised of natural parks. The Penguin Parade, it?s most popular attraction, can be experienced on group tours, with small groups, or even as a private viewing with your own ranger right on the beach. If you don?t want to be quite as up close to the penguins, you can view them from a sky box in a viewing tower. However you view it, it?s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. If you are not going with a tour or private viewing, still purchase your tickets ahead of time to ensure that you get a seat.

Little Penguin on Philip Island, Australia

Penguins are not the only wildlife that call Philip Island home. The closest colony of fur seals to mainland Australia, Seal Rocks, is two kilometers from Philip Island?s Nobbies Center, where visitors can learn about fur seals. The colony is an important breeding ground has over 20,000 seals, and guests at the Center can view them with ?seal cameras? and print out the pictures.

Boardwalk by the Nobbies Center, Philip Island

Koalas are one of Australia?s most loved animals, and they are indigenous to the continent. They sleep over 20 hours a day, and their color tends to blend them in with the trees, so they aren?t always easy to spot. At Phillip Island?s Koala sanctuary, guests can wander through the bush land on elevated tree-top boardwalks for close views of Koalas in their natural environment. As a bonus, it?s not unlikely to encounter wallabies, birds, echidnas (also known as a spiny anteater, it looks something like a porcupine) and other Australian wildlife.

Koala from Koala Sanctuary on Philip Island

To Complete your visit to Philip Island, take the (all-vehicle) bridge across to Churchill Island Heritage farm. This historic working farm sits on 57 acres. Journey back in time with sheep sheering, working dog demonstrations, cow milking and blacksmithing. Clydesdale horses, highland cattle, ducks, chickens and peacocks also reside on the farm. Finally, grab a bite to eat at the cafe which boasts fantastic views of the Western Port Bay.


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