I love to travel, and I love to travel in style. When people talk about camping, I joke that I camp at the Holiday Inn (no offense to the hotel, I just picked a mid-level hotel at random). All joking aside, I?ve noticed a trend through my travels, which indicates that I am perhaps, for lack of a better phrase, a luxury travel ?snob?. Let me set the record straight, I don?t think this is a negative at all, so if the following statements ring a bit true for you, there?s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps snob isn?t the right word ? perhaps connoisseur is more appropriate, and more likely it?s somewhere in between. Terminology aside, I thought I?d capture some of the thoughts that led me to this realization, for the enjoyment of my readership.

1. I?ve caught myself saying things like ?well, the beach is nice, but it?s nothing like Bora Bora (insert favorite exotic island here)?. This isn?t exclusive to beaches, it happens with cultural sites, historical sites, activities, etc. I tend to compare them to the cream of the crop in their respective categories ? or at least to the top ranking sites that I?ve seen.

Pool at Bora Bora Lagoon Resort

2. The first thing I check in my hotel room is the bathroom, in search of a jetted Jacuzzi tub and a big glass enclosed shower with a rainforest showerhead (or duel showerheads, also acceptable).

3. What?s the point of a Juliet balcony? I can?t sit out there with my coffee in the morning! I want to be able to lounge out there with plenty of room.

4. This statement recently came out of my mouth: ?yes, I have trips to Hawaii and Vegas, but they?re just for business?. I think it was the term ?just? that made me feel silly after the fact. Multiple people looked at me funny and offered to go in my place or hide in my suitcase.

Sunset on Waikiki Beach

5. I have a queen bed at home. I want a king (for just me, I might add). With all of those fancy shmancy pillows that I don?t know what to do with but they make me feel important.

6. I have to repeatedly remind myself that it doesn?t have to be some far off, mysterious destination to be a good vacation. It still counts as a ?real vacation? even if I don?t need my passport.

7. Group tours don?t appeal at all. I want a private, customized tour and if it?s a limited time or exclusive offer, even better. If they have a sign with my name on it I feel extra special.

Anything sound familiar? Do you have any ?luxury travel connoisseur? indicators that I?ve missed? I probably do them too ? they just didn?t come to mind when I was writing this blog.

Private plunge pool in the Peruvian Rainforest


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