Before You Go – 1 to 3 months

Part two in this series of “before you go” tips contains those items that I suggest doing one to three months before you travel.

1. Check luggage restrictions for flight/transportation. You may not think you need to do this so far in advance, but I recently stayed at a hotel that required a boat transfer, and they only let you bring carry on bags and personal items on the boat, and therefore to the hotel. We had to leave the rest of our luggage locked in their head office in town from where the boat departed. This is certainly something you want to know ahead of time – some of us actually purchased new carry on bags to make sure we could hold enough for our few days at the hotel.

2. Check with your bank about obtaining local currency. Some currencies could take a while to order because the bank doesn’t have them in stock at the branch. You want to have at least some local currency when you arrive at your destination ? most cab/transport companies will not accept US Dollars, and in some locations taxis do not take credit cards or charge a large fee for doing so.

3. Begin a general packing list (on the computer if possible). It doesn’t need to include specific items, just categories – i.e. jeans, long sleeve shirt, walking shoes, etc. Add things as you think of them. Keep this list for future reference. If it’s an electronic list, you can easily adjust it as needed.

4. Make arrangements for any pets/your house. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the planning and forget but if you plan to be away, you want to know that your pet and/or home will be taken care of.

5. Have a copy of all travel confirmations/confirmation numbers. Your travel planner should provide you with the confirmations when you book, but you want to make sure you can easily locate all of the essential details and that you have no major questions. If you look at this in advance, it provides time for us to answer any questions you may have.


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