Don’t Leave the Coffee Pot On!

The day that you take off for a trip can be hectic. In the rushing around, it’s easy to leave the house in a hurry without some important steps. Here are the last set of “Before You Go” tips – the day of departure.

1. Turn off/unplug unnecessary appliances – coffee pots, fans, hair dryers, toaster over, etc.

2. Check the status of your flight to make sure there are no changes, as well as the departure gate.

3. Adjust your thermostat to keep your electricity/heating bills lower while you are away. If it’s winter, don’t turn the heat all the way off – pipes could freeze and burst. If you turn air conditioning completely off in the summer, indoor plants might not be alive to welcome you home. If you have important plants, adjust your air conditioning accordingly.

4. For international flights, arrive at airport at least 2-3 hours before your flight; domestic flights arrive at least 1-2 hours before flight. IMPORTANT: Check with airport for suggested arrivals as this may change. Leave additional time for traffic, parking, and other issues that could delay you. Mornings, especially early in the week, are busy times for business travelers so allow for extra time at security if traveling during this time.

5. Make sure all items in your carry-on are allowed on board. Airlines require some items to be in your checked luggage. You can find a list of permitted/prohibited items on the TSA website. There’s also now a TSA app that you can download for updates.

6. Make sure you have not packed any important documents/necessities for your trip in the luggage you plan to check at the airport. This includes passport/identification, tickets or confirmations, medication, money, or anything with personal details on it. The same goes with items that are either monetarily or sentimentally high in value. If it’s something you that you can’t easily replace, or will cost you a lot to do so, keep it in your carry-on, assuming it’s allowed.


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