How Adventurous Would You Get?

What?s the craziest activity you?ve done while traveling? I?ve jumped out of a perfectly good plane over a glacier in New Zealand with a parachute (and a professional) strapped to my back. I?ve had an extremely large rubber band tied to my ankles and jumped off a bridge over a gorge? twice. Did I mention I?m afraid of heights? I am. However, my sense of adventure and desire not to miss an experience propels me (literally, in this case). My travels through six continents have held a lot of ?firsts? and probably just as many ?never agains?, but there are still numerous activities I?ve yet to try and hope to.

1. Dog sledding. I dislike the cold, but I love dogs and I think this is just such a unique experience as there are probably only a few places where one can experience this (at least as a tourist).

2. Balloon safari. Yet again I?m a glutton for punishment on the heights fear. There are resorts and tour companies in Africa that offer sunrise and sunset hot air balloon safaris and I can only imagine the feeling that accompanies this.

3. Camel ride in the desert. Most likely in Northern Africa though Mongolia would be incredible as well. Let me specify that I don?t want to do one of the 10 day camel rides where you sleep in tents overnight. A day trip, an overnight if necessary, is plenty for me. I just want to experience it. Again, one of those things you can only enjoy in select locations.

4. Swim with (or near) turtles in the Galapagos. I?m not a huge swimmer. I have a bit of a fear of being underwater too long due to claustrophobia (I?ve never SCUBA dived though I?ve snorkeled). This, though, is a situation in which I?d make an exception. I?ve swum with sharks and rays, which was less terrifying than it sounds. The history of these creatures, however, must be respected and being near them would humble me.

5. Swimming with dolphins. I plain just think this would be fun. I would only do this, though, in a setting that I thought was fair to the dolphins. I don’t want some resort where they’re penned in a pool smaller than the size of the kids swimming pool.

6. Hang glide. Can you imagine hang glide off of a towering sand dune? I hear this is a tricky undertaking, however, and I suspect I might get frustrated.

I?m sure there are plenty more. Almost virtually every day I see a twitter post or a Facebook photo from one of my fellow travel enthusiasts and I think ?I have to try that!?.

What are your bucket list activities? What incredible adventures have you already had?


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