True or False – Travel Myth Busting (Part 1)

By now, my readers have realized that I like doing things in series. Truthfully, it’s often because I have so much to say about travel and the industry as whole that it would make for a ridiculously long read if I put it all in one blog.

This next series is going to address travel myths. These days you see travel tips and tricks virtually everywhere you look ? from online travel companies, twitter, Facebook, blogs, numerous travel books, not to mention personal stories from those that you know. It can be tough to tell fact from fiction. Furthermore, what works for some destinations and some travelers doesn?t necessarily work for others. Travel is highly personal, and it varies greatly depending on the type of trip you?re planning, experience you?re looking for, where you?re headed, the time of year, and numerous other factors.

In this blog series, I?ll address some travel myths, based on my knowledge and experience as a travel industry professional, to give some credence to the truth, or lack there of, behind these commonly utilized travel tips. This blog includes two of the most common myths I hear about booking travel.

1. It?s cheaper to buy an airplane ticket on Tuesday nights because they up the prices on Wednesdays. (I?ve also heard this about Wednesday night to Thursday).

Answer: False. I?m not saying it?s never cheaper, it may be. However, air prices are based on availability, fuel costs, and a whole host of other things (some that we understand, some that bewilder even us). Fuel prices could jump at any time. Seats could be taken up on any day of the week, and then you?re paying for a higher class of seat. There are seat classes even within coach class – it?s a long explanation but the short version is that if the lowest seat class is sold out, you go to the next class, which is pricier. When that class is sold out, you go up to the next, which is even pricier, and so on.

2. I don?t need to buy travel insurance.

Answer: False. A big resounding false! I have had numerous clients have to cancel trips due to unforeseen circumstances, or come home from a trip due to illness. Did you know that international flights cost $250 per person to cancel or change (plus any difference in the new flight price if it?s higher)? For domestic it?s $150 per person. Tours, hotels, transfer companies and the like vary in their cancellation policies. Travel insurance will run you, probably on the high end, up to a couple of hundred per person. Often, it?s less. Is it worth losing the $4K, $5K, $8K you spent on your trip over not spending that small amount on insurance?

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