Fact or Fiction? More Travel Myths

As promised, today I have two more travel tips/myths that I’m addressing. To keep these blogs rather short, I’m doing just two at a time.

Myth #3
Europe is full of crowds in the summer. I?d rather go in the spring or fall.

Answer: True! Europe is a great destination year round, and if your travel dates aren?t flexible (i.e. it?s a business trip, you?re going for your honeymoon right after your summer wedding), you certainly don?t have to avoid Europe. However, you?ll have more crowds and longer lines, most likely. If you can adjust your dates, you?ll have more pleasant weather, and you?ll also have fewer tourists. Prices will most likely be lower as well, since it?s not peak season.

Myth #4
I can get the same products online as I can if I work with a travel professional.

Answer: False. I?m not saying it?s never possible. If it?s a simple flight for a business trip or one night in a domestic hotel, that might be true. If you?re planning two weeks overseas, though, talk to your travel planner. Did you know that many suppliers ? hotels, tour operators, etc ? provide us with opportunities that they don?t offer to the general public? It might be a unique private tour offered only to our clients, or an automatic room upgrade upon arrival at the hotel. We work with experts that are on the ground in destinations around the world, and many times they have in depth knowledge about things to see that you?d never even find in a guide book ? and if you did, you may well not be allowed to access them without on of our on-site tour guides.


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