My Hotel is Just For Sleeping…

Continuing on the theme of verifying or busting travel myths, here are two thoughts that I often hear. While I can’t say that they’re myths per se, I did want to address them, as they both are statements that I hear often, and ones that I think warrant a different perspective.

Myth #5
It doesn?t matter where I stay; I only sleep at the hotel anyways.

Answer: False, with a little bit of truth. Let me give you a few “what if” scenarios that might have you rethink this:

1. It?s a torrential down pour (or other awful weather) and you really can?t walk around and do much in the city, so you’re stuck at the hotel for a day or two.

2. Your mattress feels like you?re sleeping on coils alone, and you toss and turn all night so are exhausted while trying to visit your destination each day.

3. You fall ill and either can?t go out for the day, or worse, need a doctor and the hotel doesn?t have 24 hour reception or a concierge to call one for you so you have to, in your ill state, find a doctor yourself.

These are just three examples of why where you stay might matter. That being said, there are options between a 2-star motel and the Ritz. But don?t just ?choose anything? – selecting the right accommodations might matter more than you think.

Myth #6
I don?t like to cruise because I don?t want to be herded like cattle during shore excursions, nor do I aspire to participate in belly flop contests at the pool.

Answer: False, with some truth. Cruise line ads often do an injustice to the cruising industry. There are cruise lines that cater to this crowd. However, what about a small luxury river or barge cruise (barge sounds like a misnomer, they are quite upscale)? These may take you along the Rhine, Rhone, Danube where you get to travel through the small towns in France, Bavaria, Austria, and Hungary. You have customized meal service ? often included in your cruise cost – and very small group, or even private, shore excursions each day. Or how about a clipper or yacht cruise, very intimate and incredibly customized? Before you say, ?I don?t cruise? (a caveat being if you know you get violently sea sick), inquire into all of the options. You might be surprised to find something that really fits what you?re looking for in a vacation.


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