Lesser-Known Themes

Working with clients on a detailed and personal level, I tend to get to know their interests rather well. Whether it?s a passion for a country, a period of history, an activity, or a style of travel, we weave this into their trip as much or as little as they desire.

Often, it?s something not all that uncommon ? wine tours and cooking classes for those who are interested in gastronomy, day tours of famous historical landmarks for the history buff. Themed tours and travel, though, can be taken to an additional level, and whole vacations (or at least a good part of a trip) can be planned around a particular interest. In fact, tour companies, both group and private, are continually offering new travel themes, and this, coupled with a travel planner whose focus is customized vacations, allows clients to create a trip focused around virtually any interest.

Here are just a few of the themes that are gaining popularity amongst travelers.

? Music tours: Music is intrinsically linked with culture and way of life in many countries, and travelers are not only enjoying music?s lure, but specifically traveling to it. Music and Markets Tours, for instance, takes traveler and music enthusiasts to Europe to experience the countries, the cultures and of course, the music.



? Garden tours: Tulip tours in and around Amsterdam may be the most famous, but the garden tour trend is spreading across Europe. Countries such as England, Wales and Scotland are rising in popularity, and the Riviera?s of Italy and France are not to be ignored.

? Ancestry/Heritage/Genealogy tours: Programs such as make it easy (or easier) today to take a look into ones past. Taking it one step further, ancestry tours – also sometimes called heritage or genealogy tours- take you to the towns of your family?s past. Tours tracing ones history are, by nature, almost always private tours, though some companies do offer more general small group tours focused on particular areas, for those whose relatives might share a common region.



? British royalty tours: The fascination with British royalty, all generations of it, seems to be increasing by the year.?Royal castles, palaces and grounds, and the tower of London are among the common stops on these tours, and those belonging to the Tudor family are particularly popular. As specific as this niche is, numerous companies are offering a wide variety of British royalty themed tours these days.

Have a theme or interest you’d like to weave into a trip? Let us know – we’d love to help you!