Asia’s Culinary Delights

Southeast Asia is a flavor lovers dream.? From Malaysian Satays to Thai curries, the region is lush with culinary delights. If that?s not enough, these countries harbor some of the most breathtaking scenery and fascinating cultural heritage in the world for visitors to savor between culinary delights.

When it comes to planning your trip, you can choose to join one of the numerous guided tours (group sizes vary) or create your own customized itinerary to include the destinations and experiences – both culinary and cultural – that most interest you.

Malacca, Malaysia's former capital

Malacca, Malaysia's former capital

Now the big question – where to start?? Here are a few sample activities from various companies that specialize in Asian culinary tours. Working with a travel planner is the best way to determine with destinations, itinerary and tour type will best fit your needs and interests.


  • Vegetarian lunch and cooking demonstrations with local nuns at an ancient pagoda
  • Market tours and cooking classes with renown chefs
  • Visit a rice noodle factory and farming village


  • Asian cooking classes from one day fun classes to intense three-month classes
  • Visit fresh food and spice markets with culinary travel guides
  • Check out live kitchens
  • Visit farms, fisheries, vineyards and herb gardens


  • Culinary tours combined with incredible history and culture
  • Investigate ingredients and fish at the local markets with a trained chef
  • Dine at a charity-run restaurant where you?ll enjoy traditional puppetry and dance performances


  • Explore herb and spice gardens in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong
  • Browse local markets for unique Chinese ingredients and cookware
  • Dine in private clubs, gourmet restaurants and private homes
  • Private cooking classes in each city visited that highlight the unique features of that region?s cooking.
  • Sip tea in China?s famous tea houses

Each of these itineraries also includes visits to the major sites and attractions in the region, such as the Great Wall in Beijing, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Floating Market near Bangkok and much more. Of course, when creating a custom itinerary, you can choose to include any activities you?d like! So, is your mouth watering yet?

South Koreas street food vendors

South Koreas street food vendors