All You Can Eat…and Drink

The holiday season will be quickly upon us. Virtually all around the globe, that means a marjor focus on seasonal food and drink. Since we all have food on the brain, I figured why not explore the opportunities for exceptional gastronomic experiences throughout the world.

Merriam-Webster defines gastronomy as ?the art of science or good eating?. Wikipidia defines it as ?the study of a relationship between culture and food?.? While both definitions refer to food, the term can be extended to drink as well.

In the travel industry, gastronomic vacations are on the rise. In some cases, food or drink is the main activity of the trip, for instance a whisky tour of Scotland. In other instnaces, such as a Tuscan wine and bike exploration, culinary pursuits are combined with sightseeing, cultural experience or physical activity. Whatever your culinary preferences, there?s most likely a tour that features it!

If you have trouble finding a group or private tour that truly fits your preferences, not to worry – personalized gastronomic itineraries can be created specifically tailored to your interests. I hope you enjoy reading about these journeys as much as I enjoyed writing about them!

Tasty Add Ons

Gastronomic travel does not mean that your whole trip has to center around food and drink. In fact, travelers often times to partake in a variety of sightseeing, cultural tours, shopping and relaxation with a couple of full or half day culinary excursions.

Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Tuileries Gardens, Paris

Here are a few of our suggestions to add a little culinary spice (in some cases literally) to your trip:

  • Swiss Chocolate Train – Departing from Montreux on the Swiss Riviera, this train traverses the magnificent Swiss countryside and picturesque villages. It first stops in Gruyere, home of the cheese by the same name, where passengers can visit the Gruyere factory and a local Castle. From here, it continues to Broc for a tour of the Callier-Nestle chocolate factory before heading back to Montreux.
  • Napa Wine Train – While we?re on the subject of trains, the Napa wine train provides a great way for visitors to wine and dine in style without the worry of driving. The train offers a variety of routes and winery visits. A dinner or lunch train is also available, for those who would like to take advantage of the train?s full service, fine dining restaurant.
  • Paris Chocolate Pastry and Food Tour – A sweets lovers dream! Don?t worry, this sampling of gourmet specialities is a walking tour, so you can feel free to indulge! Stroll the city?s eclectic neighborhoods with an expert food guide as you learn about french gastronomy and seasonal festivals en route to your delicious destinations.
  • Budapest Wine Tasting and Lunch – If you?re new to a country or cuisine, it?s often difficult to know which restaurants serve authentic cultural food and which are geared towards tourists. This tour ensures that you get the best of the local fare, visiting a private wine cellar and several local eateries that are sure to leave you satiated.
  • Private Spanish Tapas in Spain – Several versions of this tour are offered, depending on if you prefer to walk or use a private chauffeur as you sample this country?s succulent food spreads.

Napa Valley Grapes

Napa Valley Grapes

The list could go on and on! To continue our celebration of worldwide gastronomy, we will have several upcoming blogs dedicated to this topic. You can subscribe here to make sure you don?t miss out, and feel free to suggest topics or ask questions!