Traveling Well

While the exact figures vary, it?s safe to say that a rather high percentage of New Year?s resolutions in some way deal with health and wellness – from weight loss to healthier eating to reducing stress. Most of us legitimately make these resolutions with the best intentions, and somewhere along the way, we get sidetracked and these intentions don?t come to fruition.

Travel can be a major contributor to this downslide. On the road it can be trickier to find our favorite organic foods, get in a run or a gym trip and take time to work on reducing stress. It?s because of this, though, that it?s important to find ways to stay tuned in to your health and wellness goals when traveling.

This issue will address ways to keep those resolutions when traveling, including healthier travel items, wellness-focused hotels and methods for keeping and increasing your energy levels when traveling.

This issue would not have been possible without the help of Jolene Hart is a natural beauty expert and Beauty & Health Coach, certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She coaches women on beauty issues ranging from adult acne to weight gain and anti-aging nutrition, and educates consumers about nontoxic beauty products through her company, Beauty is Wellness. A giant thanks to Jolene for her tremendous knowledge and help with our Travel Wellness issue!

Happy reading, happy travels and happy New Year!


Red Mountain

Naturalize Your Travel Products

At home, I try to use as many natural and organic products as possible – everything from organic vegetables to 100% natural shampoo. However, I?ll be the first to admit that this healthy regimen is more difficult to keep up when traveling, and I?ve been known to make a last minute drug store run and pick up whatever shower products they have in the travel bin.

I also notice, though, that I tend to feel much less healthy when I travel as a result. My hair looks duller, my face tends to break out more and my skin feels drier. In part, this could be due to the water at my destination (I?m sure my skin and hair are used to the water at home and reacting to the change) but I could almost guarantee that in part it?s due to the use of travel products that aren?t quite up to par with those that I use at on a regular basis.

With a little preparation, however, this could easily be avoided. Many of the companies that provide my home health and beauty products also offer travel sizes. While they might not be exactly the same as those I use daily, they?re certainly a better option than blindly picking out of the travel bin somewhere at the last minute.

Italian Red Grape & Vanilla Chai Travel Kit

Desert Essence – This brand, which makes a wide variety of shower products, skin products and more, can be found both online and at Whole Foods. They offer several travel kits, including the Italian Red Grape Kit, featuring shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotion, from just $8.95

Yes to Carrots – This line combines organic fruits and vegetables to create their products, and can be found in a variety of drug stores/pharmacies as well as online. Their travel products include a Shower Essentials Kit – complete with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel – as well as a facial towelettes pack which is 98.7% natural and biodegradable. (The Yes To line produces five collections, all starting with “Yes To”: Carrots, Cucumbers, Blueberries, Tomatoes and Baby Carrots).


21 Drops – Though not a ?beauty product?, this innovative line of products could help while traveling in other ways. These 100% natural and organic aromatherapy drops offers blends for 21 different complaints – from ?drained? to ?sleepless? to ? overindulged? and can also create custom blends. Given the large number of travel complaints due to jet lag, different foods, and change in activity level, these essential oils could come in quite handy for those that enjoy aromatherapy and want to bring a little of that comfort with them.

21 drops smaller

The products above are 3 oz or less, and therefore can be placed in a carry on. Just because a product?s name includes the word ?travel?, though, does not mean it is under the 3 oz limit. Make sure to check each product, especially if it comes in a kit or gift bag – it?s frustrating to bring along your new beauty finds just to have them taken away at security. If you?re unsure, best to pack them in your checked luggage or transfer them into a 3 oz bottle if you are bringing only a carry on.