Rome in the Dark

I’ve been to Rome four times, and I’ve sent clients there to many times to count. I’ve toured Rome backwards, forwards, upside down, and inside out. Rome is fascinating from any angle, at any time of the day. But if you go to Rome and don’t do the night tour, you’re missing out. I don’t mean walking around at night looking for food or a bar. I mean a full on night tour of Rome. I offer it as an option to any client traveling to Rome. You don’t have to book before hand, there are companies that you can find while there that offer it, but if you want to make sure you get it, I suggest planning in advance.

Why Rome at night? It just has a different feel. It’s incredible to see the lights of the modern cars and mopeds speed past the ancient Coliseum. The antique structures aren’t quite deserted, but they’re not teeming with tourists. There may be a few people wandering around, other night tourers, say, but the contrast of the quiet inside of these gigantic pieces of history is somewhere between eerie and fascinating.

Modern Rome, by contrast, comes alive at night. While busy during the day, it’s nothing compared to the packed piazzas at night. The energy in the city at night is almost palpable.

When touring Rome at night, I suggest a private or small group tour. A big group tour may take away from the experience (i.e. the quiet calmness at the sites). For some reason the night tour feels like more intimate, and larger size tour may detract from that.