Before You Go – 1 to 3 Weeks

You’re trip is just around the corner and you’re getting all excited! Here are some important things to think about that to help make sure you’re trip goes smoothly!

1. Make two copies of your passport and itinerary. Give one to someone back home; pack the other in your carry-on in a separate spot from your actual passport/itinerary.

2. Call credit cards, debit cards, and bank to let them know that you will be traveling overseas. For theft protection, many banks/card companies will freeze an account if they see overseas charges that they do not believe belong to the cardholder.

3. Copy down your credit card numbers/information and the international telephone number. Keep them in your luggage/carry separate from your credit cards.

4. Check voltage at destination ? you may need a voltage/outlet converter.

5. Arrange for your mail to be stopped or have someone pick up your mail for you.

6. Alert a neighbor/friend of your travel dates. This lets them know to be suspect of any activity around your house.

7. Have luggage tags on each piece of your checked luggage ? put at least your name and phone number on the tag, or use a business card. You may also want to put something distinguishable on your luggage if it is a common color.

8. Check the amenities of your hotels ? you can avoid packing items that the hotels already have. Check other hotel details such as if they have air conditioning and elevators, and pack accordingly.

9. Check the weather at the destination.

10. If you plan on using your phone – for calls, texts, email, or internet – while traveling, call your phone company to let them know and see if you need any additional features added to utilize overseas without incurring outrageous roaming charges.


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